Rex Sinquefield

What Can $10 Million Buy You, Aside from Missouri Elected Officials?

The Missouri Ethics Commission released its 2014 annual report and revealed that Rex and Jeanne Sinquefield gave a jaw-dropping $10,463,000 in total contributions worth over $5,000.

$10 million can go a long way. In fact, you can buy a Caribbean Island and still have $1 million left over. However who needs a private island when you can just spend the money on electing a general assembly and statewide office holders that help make you even wealthier?

Schaefer Has Sinquefield's Back...and Money

Politicians typically do their best to avoid being seen as manipulated by large campaign donations.

Sen. Kurt Schaefer (R-Columbia) takes a different approach: Overtly do the bidding of a multi-millionaire who is funding his campaign for Attorney General.

What’s Scarier: the Zombie Apocalypse or Rex Sinquefield’s Tax Policy?

KS Governor Brownback with zombies

Rex Sinquefield boasts, “people on the left who like to criticize me, I say gloat now and gloat fast because your gloating days are soon going to be over…” But is he talking about the delusional possibility that the Kansas state budget will somehow turn itself back around… or the zombie apocalypse?

Senate President Resigns to Join Sinquefield Lobby Shop

The effort to enact ethics reform last session was downright pathetic. It wasn't prioritized and when meager reforms were passed the House and Senate couldn't come to an agreement on lobbyist gift limits so the bills were stalled. It's hardly shocking another politician has gone through the revolving door from elected official to private lobbyist.

Missouri Senate President Pro Tem Tom Dempsey (R-St. Charles) just last Friday resigned his elected position, and this week started work at a Clayton-based lobbying firm called Gate Way Group. It just so happens, Rex Sinquefield, a large donor to Dempsey in the past, is their premier client.

Rex: Raising the Minimum Wage an "Injustice"

In an interview with KMOX, Rex Sinquefield said raising the minimum wage is an "injustice" on par with racist police practices.

Sinquefield Schemes Driving KS Teachers Away

Brownback's education cuts are becoming too much for Kansas teachers to handle.

Rex Sinquefield Has a Kansas Problem

Over the last several years, Rex Sinquefield has consistently stood by Sam Brownback’s disastrous income tax schemes, even as the Kansas state budget crumbled, leaving a $765 million deficit.

Sinquefield still supports devastating KS tax cuts

Kansas Governor Sam Brownback’s tax cuts still aren’t working. The now infamous 2012 tax cuts that eliminated income taxes for sole proprietorships and certain business partnerships, preceeded a 3.8% drop in state revenue. That's the third largest drop in the US last year.

Even some of Brownback’s own allies may break ties with him, by revisiting the revenue slashing cuts of 2012.

Rex still supports devastating KS tax cuts

Rex Sinquefield

Kansas Governor Sam Brownback’s tax cuts still aren’t working. But Rex Sinquefield isn't hearing it.

Team Sinquefield can't decide: more sales tax or less sales tax?

While Rex Sinquefield & Co are pushing for regressive tax reforms that would increase sales taxes and expand the list of things for which working families pay most (i.e. rent, childcare, medicine)... staffers at his Show-Me Institute 'think tank' are writing that Missouri’s sales taxes are actually “still well above average."


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