Remember Chuck Basye's Confederate Flag Debacle?

A year ago, Rep. Chuck Basye (R-Rocheport), held a Civil War memorial event on his family's private property. For the Confederacy.

Basye attended this event a week after the Charleston mass shooting, where a domestic terrorist driven by white supremacy entered a historically black church and murdered nine members of a bible study group in the hopes of “igniting a race war.”

From the KC Star at the time:

Among the guests was Missouri Rep. Chuck Basye, a Republican from Columbia. His brother, Randy Basye, owns the land on which the gravesite was recently discovered. Chuck Basye said he thought it was important to “respect our history” and “learn from it.”...                

Saluting Confederate soldiers in the wake of a massacre allegedly committed by an avowed white supremacist was tone deaf.

...the offense isn’t just a matter of bad timing. The ceremony showed a reverence for Confederate imagery that needs to end.

When it comes to issues of race, there's a lot Chuck Basye doesn't see.

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