Pre-Filing Starts with Attacks on Workers

Yesterday marked the beginning of pre-filing legislation for the 2017 legislative session. Between the House and Senate, elected officials have so far filed 15 pieces of potentially anti-worker legislation.

They included a paycheck deception bill, five bills dismantling the prevailing wage, and two bills to make Missouri a so-called “right to work” state....all designed to weaken unions, silence workers, and lower wages across the board.

Here's the thing, we are about to start 2017 with:

The Missouri GOP controls both chambers in the Capitol, and all statewide offices except Auditor. They could use their unprecedented power to make lasting reforms that could, say, follow through on their campaign promises and improve our infrastructure or help fund the education formula. But so far, all we have are a bunch of anti-worker proposals that help no one except billionaire CEOs like David Humphreys, who have plenty to gain from lowering folks' wages and limiting their bargaining rights.

We'll keep our fingers crossed that GOP leadership serves up legislation that could truly help hardworking Missourians who are struggling--but we won't be holding our breath.

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