Photo ID to be Woefully Underfunded

Remember when state legislators promised they would fund photo ID if Amendment 6 passed?

Remember how the fiscal note for photo ID (HB 1631) sat at a pretty 2.1 million for fiscal year 2017?

Remember how we are entering this fiscal year $450 million short?

Well, the Governor's budget has only allocated $300,000 for photo IDs this year, and the law will go into effect in June. Keep in mind there are special elections in the 50th House District and 28th Senate District this November, and all counties will need funding to educate all Missourians on this drastic change in voting policy. 

Other major issues that didn't receive proper funding: 

  • The state didn't expand Medicaid to give preventative care to low-income patients -- Gov. Greitens proposed to end in-home care and nursing home services for more than 20,000 people with disabilities.
  • The state has yet to fully fund education --- Gov. Greitens is slashing $350 million from K-12 funding and $31 million from school busing programs. 
  • The state has yet to find a solution to the MODoT funding crisis -- Gov. Greitens cut $80 million from its general funding. 

The Governor was elected on the promise of "turning Missouri around". This budget reflects a regressive agenda that does not address even Missouri's basic needs. On top of that, he is actively working to keep those impacted by photo ID from accessing their right to vote by not fully allocating the necessary funds.

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