Ohio Voting Restrictions Struck Down

This week a federal judge found Ohio's restrictions on casting and counting absentee ballots to be racially discriminatory and subsequently blocked the measures.

Voter suppression tactics have not disappeared but are now merely cloaked in ostensibly race-neutral language,” U.S. District Judge Algenon Marbley wrote, referring to the broader effort in the state to limit access to the polls for minorities.

MSNBC reports:

The decision is the latest development in a sprawling, high-stakes fight over voting rules in the nation’s most pivotal swing state. And for [Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted], it’s the second court defeat in as many weeks on voting issues. Late last month, a different federal judge ruled that the GOP legislature’s elimination of “Golden Week”—a week when Ohio voters can register and vote early all in one—also discriminated against racial minorities.

An extreme voting restriction measure is on the November ballot in Missouri. Missourians will have to vote "No" on the constitutional amendment to avoid new, costly, and confusing voter ID laws.

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