Now for the Good Things

We’ll be honest, we’re still recovering from the end of the Legislative Session last week. And while our immediate reaction was to count all the bad things that happened— there were many— we would be remiss if we didn’t highlight a few really great things that emerged from the rubble.

  1. SJR 39, Sen. Bob Onder’s proposed ballot initiative that would have made it legal to discriminate against LGBT Missourians, failed to pass out of House committee. (This was HUGE. We were moments away from becoming the next North Carolina)
  2. Paycheck Deception, a bill aimed at weakening public sector unions, was finally stopped with a bipartisan vote in the Senate. (This — also huge. Folks like nurses, teachers and caregivers were just a vote away from having their voices drowned out in Jeff City.)
  3. All that grandstanding against Planned Parenthood? Missouri women made their voices heard and patient privacy as well as access to care won out. (That gust of wind that blew through town Friday night? A collective sigh of relief.)
  4. Lawmakers worked across the aisle to make small improvements in Medicaid, increasing transparency and allowing Missourians who are elderly or disabled to increase their savings without losing their health care.

These good things are frankly amazing, considering what our legislature chooses to prioritize. And make no mistake, they are the product of countless hours of hard work from advocates, volunteers, staff and yes, even lobbyists.

There ARE good people doing good things in Jefferson City. We just need to make sure we send more of them there next November.

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