Will Missouri be the next Wisconsin?

Voters standing in line

Over the past few weeks, testimony was heard in a federal voting rights case challenging a photo ID law enacted by the state of Wisconsin. The judge is expected to issue a ruling by July.

A Timely Refresher on Payday Lending Sharks

Next Thursday, June 2, the Consumer Protection Financial Bureau will host a public hearing and panel discussion on the topic of payday loans. The event includes remarks from the Bureau’s Director Richard Cordray, a roundtable of consumer advocates and representatives from the payday loan industry as well as public testimony.

Now for the Good Things

We’ll be honest, we’re still recovering from the end of the Legislative Session last week. And while our immediate reaction was to count all the bad things that happened— there were many— we would be remiss if we didn’t highlight a few really great things that emerged from the rubble.

Friday the 13th: Top 13 Terrible Takeaways

Well… it’s finally over. The legislative session ended in a last-minute rush of farewell speeches and attempts to pass bad legislation (some of which was successful). Sadly, lawmakers failed to help the vast majority of Missourians who are struggling—so it somehow seems appropriate that all of this should come to an end on Friday the 13th.

In the spirit of this unofficial and infamous day, we humbly present our Friday the 13th Top 13 Terrible Takeaways...

BREAKING: Photo ID Headed to the Ballot

House Joint Resolution 53, the resolution that would amend our state constitution to make way for extreme photo ID requirements at the polls, is now headed to a statewide ballot. Let that sink in for a moment: our own elected leaders, voting along party lines, moved to change our state constitution to make it harder for hundreds of thousands of us to vote.

March 2016 Lobbyist Gift Rankings

The Missouri Ethics Commission just released lobbyist gift data for March 2016. Here are your updated rankings of the House and Senate.

Anti-Trans Bathroom Bills Have No Place in Missouri

This type of fear mongering discrimination will put Missouri back in the national spotlight.

Today Was A Good Day in Missouri

We spend a lot of time talking about the bad things happening in Jefferson City... but today, equality won.

More Attacks on Missouri’s Sunshine Law

The Missouri legislature is once again trying to roll back sunshine law provisions— this time in our state government’s dealings with corporate farming. House Bill 1414 is currently being promoted by the corporate agriculture lobby to make it extremely difficult, if not impossible, to figure out how they work with state agencies. Under this proposal, citizens would lose the right to learn how the Department of Natural Resources and Missouri Department of Agriculture are spending taxpayer money on selected projects.

Kurt's Kangaroo Court

Sen. Kurt Schaefer was appointed chair of the Missouri Senate's Interim Committee on the "Sanctity of Life" last fall, and thus in charge of "investigating" now-debunked accusations made by extremist groups against Planned Parenthood.

Today the Missouri Senate voted to approve Schaefer's subpoenas and expects Mary Kogut, CEO of the St. Louis Region's Planned Parenthood (PPSLR), to appear before them with subpoenaed documents on April 25th.



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