"Right to Work" Fast Tracked Through House

Today the Missouri House passed HB 91, a so-called “Right to Work” bill, written by ALEC championed by millionaires and billionaires at the expense of Missouri workers. We will continue to fight the types of legislation, like “Right to Work” that hurt working Missourians.

Hawley Buys In To Ethics Reform, Notably After Receiving $6.5 Million

Newly inaugurated Attorney General Josh Hawley is following Gov. Greitens' lead and implementing new ethics rules. 

From the KC Star

As his first official act since becoming attorney general, Republican Josh Hawley on Tuesday implemented a new ethics policy for his employees that prohibits them from accepting gifts from lobbyists.

Visible Hypocrisy at Greitens Swearing In

Remember not even 24 hours ago when Gov. Greitens "boldly" announced his first executive order? Greitens signed an executive order barring state employees in the executive branch from accepting gifts from lobbyists and banning members of his administration from leaving and working to lobby his administration. 

Well, it seems like that is where the Governor draws the line for the era of "new politics."

Follow the Money: "Right to Work" Edition

So-called "Right to Work" legislation will be rushed through the Missouri House and Senate early this session, which began Wednesday. This anti-worker, wage-lowering legislation was the first thing House Speaker Todd Richardson mentioned in his opening remarks at the dias.

GOP and Ethics: Was it Ever Meant to be?

On Monday, a federal holiday, the House Republican Conference in DC privately voted to strip the Office of Congressional Ethics of its teeth.

Why does this matter to Missourians?

Well, turns out Rep. Sam Graves, who represents most of northern Missouri, is a case study for Republicans wanting to weaken the Office.

From McClatchy DC:

Greitens' Transition Team Raises More Questions

It’s a week before inauguration and the public still doesn’t know the totality of Greitens’ transition team.

Odd, because public taxes pays for the transition team. Greitens ran on an anti-corruption platform, so it comes across as very disingenuous when he won’t be transparent about his use of taxpayer funds.

As of now, the public knows that the Greitens’ transition team hired Jimmy Soni, who left the Huffington Post while being investigated for sexual harassment involving interns.

Greitens' Health Director Pick Likely Not the Best to Deal with Missouri's Lead Problem

Last week, Gov. Eric Greitens announced his pick to oversee the Department of Health and Senior Services, Dr. Randall Williams. Dr. Williams comes from North Carolina's health department and brings with him a legacy marred by controversy.

From a WBTV news article in 2016:  

Update: Greitens Transition Team Working Under Gag Order

Two days after the election, Governor-elect Greitens gave details on his transition team.

Two weeks after that, the public received information about the inaugural ball. 

Bipartisan Birth Control Access Legislation Pre-Filed Again

Last year, then-Rep. Sheila Solon, a Republican from Blue Springs, introduced HB 1679. Calling it the "ultimate pro-life" bill, Solon's bill would have allowed pharmacists to write three-year prescriptions for oral contraceptive pills after receiving a doctor's prescription. Her bill would have allowed minors who had been prescribed the pill to get follow up prescriptions from a pharmacist. As in other parts of the country, pharmacists would need to undergo additional training to participate.

It's Like Sen. Kraus WANTS to Make Missouri More Like Kansas.

Earlier this week, Sen. Will Kraus doubled down on slashing the corporate income tax. 

From the AP

A Missouri lawmaker says Republican President-elect Donald Trump's promises to slash corporate income taxes could lend momentum to his proposal to eliminate the taxes completely in the state, a move that would make Missouri one of few states without business income taxes.



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