Jeff City Gift Takers, Ranked [UPDATED-Sept.]

The Missouri Ethics Commission just released lobbyist gift data for September 2015. Here are your updated rankings of gift takers in the House and Senate, January 2015-September 2015.

2015 Updated Payday Report: How Predatory Lending Money Flows Through Missouri Politics

Predatory lenders spend a lot of money on Missouri policians and political consultants to protect their obscene business practices from basic interest rate limits and other reforms.

From Objectifying Women to Anti-Abortion Extremism

At the University of Missouri's Homecoming parade, a Columbia-area GOP leader and President of the local Pachyderm Club, tweeted a photo objectifying the women who were walking past him. He noted their "VNBs," an acronym he later acknowledged stands for "Very Nice Butts."

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Kurt Schaefer on Universal Background Checks: Nope

Continuing to align himself with extremist policies, Kurt Schaefer took to Twitter today to shut down an attempt to discuss universal background checks for gun owners.

Kurt Schaefer on Abortion: “I support the status quo”


Schaefer’s political calculating has always come before Missourians. When previously asked about his stance on abortion, Schaefer avoided saying he was “pro life,” stating, “The issue of abortion has been settled in this state... I support the status quo.”

In Schaefer’s own words, the issue has been decided, and Missouri needs to move on.

Jeff City Gift Takers, Ranked (August 2015)

The Missouri Ethics Commission released lobbyist gift data for August 2015 today. Here are your updated rankings of gift takers in the House and Senate, January 2015-August 2015. 1. Colona, Mike- $3,262.07 2. Flanigan, Tom- $3,108.49 3. Ellington, Brandon- $3,075.90 4. Munzlinger, Brian- $2,931.02 5. Leara, Mike- $2,821.25

Sinquefield Continues to Push Bad Policy on Other States Following KS fiasco

Thanks to Kansas Governor Sam Brownback’s income tax cut plan, in the last 12 months Kansas has gained a mere 1,000 new jobs. Also thanks to Governor Brownback’s plan, which is fervently supported by Missouri’s own Rex Sinquefield, 3,000 more jobs were lost in Kansas in August in addition to the 5,100 lost during the month of July.

Here are a few examples of Rex’s love for the failed Kansas experiment...

Kurt Schaefer Used to Care About Academic Freedom

Before he was a Missouri Attorney General-hopeful, Sen. Kurt Schaefer (R-Columbia) prided himself on being a "moderate." If you don't believe it, watch the clips below. In them he says he believes in putting the needs and desires of university academics, students, and patients over political posturing.



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