Newsflash: Identifying as Transgender is Not a "Mental Illness"

Missouri lawmakers policing bathrooms

The KC Star published an article on the Missouri Legislature's current obsession with bathrooms. Four bills relating to who can use what bathroom have been filed this session.... four. They are sponsored by Rep. Rick Brattin, Rep. Steve Cookson, Rep. Jeff Pogue, and Sen. Ed Emery.

"For transgender Missourians, the push to ban them from bathrooms and locker rooms that match their identity is an attempt to invalidate their existence."

These bills are targeted at transgender Missourians.

If you're not convinced, this is what Sen. Emery (R-Lamar) had to say about it:

Suddenly, the birth certificate is just an opinion. It used to be considered a mental illness when a young man thought he was a woman, or vice versa. We gave these people treatment. We addressed that mental illness. We gave them counseling. Today, you and I get the counseling. How did we get here?”

Identifying as transgender is not a mental illness. While the majority of Missourians know someone who is gay, fewer know someone who is transgender. And it's okay to have questions, however it's not okay to discriminate or spew hate and fear.

If you would like to know more, PROMO, Missouri's leading LGBT advocacy group, has created a resource for transgender Missourians and their allies. Check it out here:

And instead of wasting time legislating bathroom use in Missouri, perhaps our legislature could focus on passing MONA

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