More Attacks on Missouri’s Sunshine Law

The Missouri legislature is once again trying to roll back sunshine law provisions— this time in our state government’s dealings with corporate farming. House Bill 1414 is currently being promoted by the corporate agriculture lobby to make it extremely difficult, if not impossible, to figure out how they work with state agencies. Under this proposal, citizens would lose the right to learn how the Department of Natural Resources and Missouri Department of Agriculture are spending taxpayer money on selected projects.

HB 1414 seeks to shield any type of relationship between the agriculture industry and these two state agencies. Family farms are left out of this deal, putting them at a distinct disadvantage. Even worse, language from HB 1414 is now attached to Senate Bill 703, the House Agriculture Omnibus Bill.

Contact your elected leaders to let them know that we deserve transparency and accountability in our state government, not special deals and preferential treatment at the expense of family farms.

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