Grocer's Priorities Pushed Through Committee Following Breakfast Event

Nothing to see here, just business as usual in Jeff City.

Senator Mike Parson Likes Lobbyist Gifts...."Ethics Reform" Not So Much

Right before the Republican primaries, Bubs Hohulin, former Chief of Staff for Senator Mike Parson, shared a public Facebook post outlining why he can’t vote for his former boss.

He followed up with the KC Star, saying that he will vote for Russ Carnahan, Parson’s Democratic opponent in the general election.

Hohulin noticed that Parson’s policy comprehension isn’t the greatest. Also, ETHICS.

KC Star: Stuff vindictive Missouri legislative threat against Kansas City’s e-tax

"Missouri’s GOP lawmakers have an uncomfortable habit of trying to squash local initiatives."

The Kansas City Star editorial board wrote a scathing take down of threats levied against the city by the Missouri Legislature to ban KC's earnings tax.

After a session of intern-related scandals and continued inaction on issues like highway funding, the Missouri General Assembly hardly seems qualified to micromanage the affairs of the state’s largest city.

What we've been up to

The Progress Missouri team worked hard this session to hold politicians accountable, call out extremism, and amplify Missouri heroes’ commitment to improving our state. Here’s a sampling of extremism we’ve exposed and work we’ve accomplished so far this year.

Top 4 Ways MoLeg Can Honor Moms This Mother’s Day

With only a week left of session, the Missouri Legislature still has major work to do. Today as we reflect on the significance of mothers, we also call on our legislators to take action on legislation that will honor Missouri mothers.

These are the top four ways #MoLeg can honor moms before the end of this legislative session.

1. Eliminate the Gender Wage Gap

We're Suing the Missouri Senate

Today, Progress Missouri filed suit against the Missouri Senate for its continued refusal to adhere to Missouri’s Sunshine Law. Missouri state senators have repeatedly denied access to public hearings of Senate committees, in violation of state law, and we are escalating our fight for open government.

McCreery's Medical Leave Act would help hardworking Missouri families

Representative Tracy McCreery recently filed a bill, which would solve some issues in Missouri with the Family Medical Leave Act.

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