The Missouri Legislature is Out of Touch

Today Public Policy Polling released brand new polling numbers on Missouri voters’ opinions

We’ll leave the campaign punditry (spoiler: Jason Kander and Roy Blunt are darn near tied, and the GOP gubernatorial primary is anyone’s game) to the political operatives.

What’s really shocking about these poll numbers: Our elected leaders have never been so out of touch with what Missouri voters care about. Beware, these numbers could give you whiplash:

  • 84% of MO Voters support expanded background checks, including 79% of Republicans
  • 59% of MO Voters want politicians like Sen. Blunt to do his job and proceed with the Supreme Court nomination
  • 71% of all MO Voters would like to see the minimum wage raised to AT LEAST $10/hr.
  • 68% of MO Voters support workers having the right to collectively bargain.
  • 66% of MO Voters support expanding Medicaid
  • 65% support paid leave for State Employees
  • 62% of MO Voters support the Missouri Nondiscrimination Act (MONA)

It’s never been more clear: The Missouri General Assembly is NOT listening to us. And we need a better legislature.

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