Mike Moon: "No to Transgender Youth"

The guy who decried the "Islamization of Missouri" and used "All Lives Matter" as a rallying call for his extreme personhood proposal is at it again.

This time Missouri State Representative Mike Moon is attacking transgender youth in Missouri.

In a letter written to the state education commissioner, Moon condemns federal efforts to protect transgender students and cites widely critiqued physician Dr. Paul R. McHugh, who claims "transgenderism is a 'mental disorder.'” 

Nevermind that the American Psychiatric Association declassified “gender dysphoria” as a mental disorder years ago. Dr. McHugh continues to spout biased and hateful rhetoric rejected by the medical community.

What is true is an estimated 40% of transgender people have attempted suicide.

Transgender Missourians need to be protected and better understood, not told they have a mental disorder. And studies show "increasing societal acceptance of the transgender community and decreasing gender-based prejudice may help prevent suicide in this highly stigmatized population."

When it comes to Mike Moon, there's crazy and there's dangerous.

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