Kurt's Kangaroo Court Reconvenes

Our Kangaroo Judge was on the case Tuesday when Sen. Kurt Schaefer rounded up his GOP colleagues from the "Sanctity of Life" Committee and reconvened his Kangaroo Court to announce the (lack of) findings from its "investigation" into Planned Parenthood.

Schaefer doubled-down (again) on the now widely debunked, heavily edited video of Planned Parenthood as the reason for the "investigation." And this even after Attorney General Chris Koster's actual investigation which found no fault on the part of Planned Parenthood. If you're up for it, you can watch the whole press conference here.

Schaefer & Co. have now wasted our time and tax dollars on this sham "investigation" for nearly a year -- all while our roads and bridges are in need of repair, more Missouri families are facing food insecurity than ever before, and women are forced to endure undue burdens to access reproductive healthcare. 

We can do better.

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