Kurt's Kangaroo Court

Sen. Kurt Schaefer was appointed chair of the Missouri Senate's Interim Committee on the "Sanctity of Life" last fall, and thus in charge of "investigating" now-debunked accusations made by extremist groups against Planned Parenthood.

Today the Missouri Senate voted to approve Schaefer's subpoenas and expects Mary Kogut, CEO of the St. Louis Region's Planned Parenthood (PPSLR), to appear before them with subpoenaed documents on April 25th.

The Associated Press, citing legislative researchers in Missouri, say this is the first contempt procedure in the statehouse since 1903. -Washington Post

Kurt's Kangaroo Court is now in session

A Kangaroo Court is: a court that uses unfair methods or is not a proper court of law.

Tell Schaefer: Enough is enough.

We're not the only ones who have noticed his political gamesmanship...

[Sen. Jason Holsman] questioned whether Schaefer’s political ambitions, and the fact that he’s running in a contested GOP primary for attorney general, are what’s actually fueling the investigation. He called the subpoenas “political theater.”

“This is election propaganda at its finest.” -KC Star

Once upon a time, Kurt Schaefer ran for Missouri Senate as a self-proclaimed "very moderate candidate." Since then, he has turned his back on Missourians. Shame on Kurt Schaefer.


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