Jeff City and DC Won't Let Up on Attacking Health Care

Today, elected officials in Jefferson City and Washington, D.C. decided to come for health care.

Six weeks ago, Gov. Greitens called for an unnecessary special session to address the "emergency" that is women making their own healthcare decisions. The Senate gaveled back in yesterday after the House passed through an unconstitutional version of SB 5 last month. 

Today, the US Senate voted to move forward on the Better Care and Reconciliation Act (BCRA), which dismantles the Affordable Care Act. 

Both SB 5 and BCRA strongly imply that Missouri's women are incapable of making full choices for themselves without legal or financial repercussions. SB 5 expands the Attorney General's power regarding abortion, gives the legislature illegal access to patient information, and undermine's the St. Louis Board of Alderman decision to prohibit discrimination based on reproductive choice. Reversing the ACA puts women who choose to get pregnant on the insurance chopping block, drastically augments premiums for women, and rescinds the requirement to cover essential health benefits, including maternity care, preventive services, and mental health care. 

Missouri tax dollars end up in the pockets of elected officials who don't believe in a healthy population. And that's the sickest part of all. 

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