Irony Alert: Gov. Safe Space's Staff Blasts Safe Spaces

Today, Missouri's Gov. Eric Greitens is meeting with Vice President Mike Pence in St. Louis to discuss "jobs and growing the economy." This was, of course, announced over Twitter and not to the Missouri Press Corps, so few Missourians actually knew how to respond or plan to attend.

Robert Cohen, a photojournalist with the Post-Dispatch, tweeted this photo of the event.

The Governor is so afraid of constituent interaction, he literally created a private event space.

Adding to this ridiculous bubbling off is the Govenor's spokesperson, Parker Briden, who complained about the racial justice organizing at Mizzou in 2015. 

From The Federalist

For conservatives, the primary object of ridicule has been the famous “safe space.” Discovering that students have constructed a permanent protective bubble of self-affirmation horrified them, and rightfully so. 

This dread of ideological opposition undermines the whole purpose of higher education. We should be pleading to be exposed to opposing perspectives. I know my own conservative views have been reinforced by a deeper understanding of liberalism that can only come from actually listening to the opposition.

By the original definition, a safe space is a discussion where all participants assume goodwill and positive intent. Students are implored to consider the validity of criticism and opposing viewpoints, not dismiss them as personal attacks.

Briden has defended Greiten's aversion to public appearances, with no sense of cognitive dissonance. 

Looks like if it fits their narrative, shutting out the press, public, and any sense of accountability isn't an abuse of "liberal safe spaces" to the Greitens administration or Parker Briden.

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