How Not to be an Ally: the Caleb Rowden Story

Recently, State Senator Ed Emery (R-Lamar) appeared as keynote speaker for a Boone Co. Republican event full of supporters and other elected leaders including Representatives Caleb Rowden and Chuck Basye. In addition to stumping for local candidates, Emery made time to share his bigoted views about Missouri's LGBT community -- going so far as to compare homosexuality to mental illness(!).

Emery's bigotry is well-known, so here's the problem: Rowden and Basye sat there and said nothing while Emery insulted their own constituents.

Currently, Rowden is campaigning to be a Missouri State Senator. He claims to be the person to move "Mid MO forward," but sitting idly by while friends or colleagues insult your own constituents, going so far as to equate mental illness to sexual orientation? That's just wrong.

Here's how we can all by true allies to LGBT Missourians.

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