How Missouri Republicans Have Celebrated Black History Month

A lot of our political outrage has been, rightfully, directed towards Washington, D.C. as of late, but these past few days Jefferson City, dare we say, takes the cake?

In an outrageous turn of events, Monday night Rep. Bill Lant (R-Pineville) cut off the mic of Missouri NAACP President Rod Chapel at a public hearing on discrimination protections. As Rep. Gina Mitten (D-St. Louis) said, “Jim Crow is alive and well in Missouri.”

And this is not the only racially-charged misstep a Missouri legislator has recently made.

Over the weekend, Rep. Warren Love (R-Osceola) took to Facebook, calling Abraham Lincoln a “tyrant” and a “despot.”

Rep. Love on Facebook talking about Lincoln

While days earlier in a committee hearing on labor issues, he referred to the “black negroes.”

And how, you might ask, has leadership reacted?

House Speaker Todd Richardson’s disappointing response was, “the House was not at its best yesterday.” He has not responded to calls for Lant to be removed from his chairmanship.

Do you agree that Lant’s behavior calls for removal from his position of power in this committee? Send Speaker Richardson an email and let him know.

On their own these incidents are disturbing, together, they’re a pattern that says unchecked extremists in Jefferson City want to take us backwards.

We’re looking to move forward, not back.

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