Grover Norquist is wrong a lot about "Right to Work" votes in Missouri

Maybe it's because he's based in Washington, D.C. and not Missouri, but Grover Norquist gets things wrong about Missouri... a lot. Especially when it comes to ALEC's so-called 'Right to Work' bills.

Prior to veto session, Norquist was confident HB 116, ALEC's so-called 'Right to Work' bill sponsored by Rep. Burlison, would be overridden.

"Vote count looks good" is only accurate if he meant votes for Missouri workers since the override attempt wasn't even close. Instead of being 3-5 votes short, the bill was 13 short of an override.

And it's not just last week that Norquist has failed at pushing 'Right to Work' bills in Missouri. In 2014, he also advocated for a 'Right to Work' bill to pass. It didn't.

Then there's this, a complete misrepresentation of the strong bipartisan opposition so-called 'Right to Work' legislation has faced in Missouri:

While yes it's true those 8 Republicans voted against ALEC's bill in the House, there were 12 other Republicans who did the same. And still, that's ignoring the Senate GOP opponents to the bill.

In total, 20 Republicans voted against HB 116 at last week's veto session.

Norquist is just one more example of out-of-state, out-of-touch, special interest lobbies we don't need in Jefferson City.

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