Greitens' Transition Team Raises More Questions

It’s a week before inauguration and the public still doesn’t know the totality of Greitens’ transition team.

Odd, because public taxes pays for the transition team. Greitens ran on an anti-corruption platform, so it comes across as very disingenuous when he won’t be transparent about his use of taxpayer funds.

As of now, the public knows that the Greitens’ transition team hired Jimmy Soni, who left the Huffington Post while being investigated for sexual harassment involving interns.

From the KC Star:  

The initial reason given for Soni stepping down as Huffington Post managing editor in 2014 was that he was going to oversee the launch of the website’s India edition in New Delhi. He later said it was because he was working on a book.

But a story published by the website Gawker at the time alleges the actual reason was that he was being investigated by the Huffington Post’s corporate parent AOL for sexual harassment involving interns. Five of Soni’s former Huffington Post colleagues interviewed by The Star this week confirmed the Gawker article and say Soni was pushed out of his job because of the sexual harassment investigation.

This type of baggage doesn’t bode well for the Greitens team, who had to deal with similar issues during their campaign.

As of now we still don't know who is on Greitens' transition team. Taxpayers deserve transparency, especially from a Governor-elect who campaigned on it.

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