Greitens Supports 479,000 Missourians Losing Health Insurance

Missouri's governor signs letter applauding Trump's Health Care Act

Governor Eric Greitens signed a letter, along with other extreme governors including Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback, in praise of Speaker Paul Ryan's and President Trump's repeal of Obamacare. Their legislation, titled the "American Health Care Act" stands to lose 24 million Americans – including 479,000 Missourians – their health insurance.

On top of that, the legislation is essentially a massive tax cut for the very wealthy with a promise of increased premiums for everyone else.

There's campaigning and then there's governing

Somewhere between screaming "Obamacare" in a stump speech and catching a private plane to Washington, D.C., Gov. Greitens has lost touch with the differences between campaigning and governing.

479,000 Missourians losing their access to affordable health care is unacceptable, and any Missouri politician that unequivocally signs off on this must have ulterior motives.

For a self-proclaimed "political outsider," how adeptly the governor plays political games is remarkable.

AHCA letter Greitens signed off on

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