Greitens Jet Setting Away Again

Does Missouri Governor Eric Greitens spend more time on the campaign trail for his political future than facing problems in Missouri head on? After a legislative session in Missouri marked by turmoil and inaction wrapped up last Friday in an exceptional display of dysfunction, this Tuesday and Wednesday Greitens is off to a Trump resort in Miami for the Republican Governors Association Corporate Policy Summit.

The KC Star reported,

Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens will join GOP governors from around the country this week at a luxury resort in Miami owned by President Donald Trump.

The Republican Governors Association will hold a two-day corporate policy summit at Trump National Doral in Miami, an 800-acre golf resort owned by the Republican president.

RGA Coporate Retreat

Greitens’ spokesman, Parker Briden, said that the Missouri governor, who just wrapped up his first session, would use the event as a learning experience.

“We look forward to meeting with governors from around the country to discuss policy. Our focus every day is on more jobs, higher pay, safer streets, and better schools for the people of Missouri. When other successful Republican governors have innovative ways to make that happen, we’re excited to listen,” Briden said in an email. “We’ll also share insights and successes from our first months in office.”

Just think of all the insights Greitens has to share by now, for instance:

  • How to conceal dark money donors
  • Bullying legislators, how *not* to get things done
  • Ignore the press -- it's the best way to ensure you're not accountable for anything
  • Best push up form
  • How to order at Taco Bell, for someone who is more interested in viral videos than governing

Since Greitens uses private jets, it's difficult to track who pays and where he's off to. During his last bought of trips to D.C. (he went four times in his first three months as governor), he used a plane owned by David Bradley, a media company CEO and campaign donor to Greitens.

Greitens may be in his first elected office, but it's not the last he has his eyes set on. Maybe that's the best lesson he'll teach his colleagues at the Trump resort in Miami this week: how to put your own ambition ahead of your job.

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