GOP Rep: “Everyone in the state agrees that we have weak ethics laws”

Ethics reform brought up at GOP caucus

At last week’s Missouri House Republican caucus in St. Louis, members convened to discuss the upcoming veto session and next year’s legislative agenda.

Of great priority, according to Rep. Bill Reiboldt, is ethics reform legislation.

Basically everyone in the state agrees that we have weak ethics laws and are in dire need to address this with a good piece of ethics reform legislation. Some are saying that the lack of strong ethics laws has helped encourage bad behavior. We are attempting to develop legislation for the upcoming session to adequately address some of these issues.”

Past ethics reform fails

Unlike the vast majority of Missouri's General Assembly, Reiboldt is one of twenty legislators who has not accepted a lobbyist gift during his tenure.

During the 2015 legislative session, out of the 17 filed House ethics bills, none of them made it to the floor for debate. The year before that, none of the House bills made it out of committee.

Here’s to hoping the Missouri House is not just paying lip service to an institutional concern this session, and wants to work to create meaningful ethics reform.

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