Friday the 13th: Top 13 Terrible Takeaways

Well… it’s finally over. The legislative session ended in a last-minute rush of farewell speeches and attempts to pass bad legislation (some of which was successful). Sadly, lawmakers failed to help the vast majority of Missourians who are struggling—so it somehow seems appropriate that all of this should come to an end on Friday the 13th.

In the spirit of this unofficial and infamous day, we humbly present our Friday the 13th Top 13 Terrible Takeaways...

1. Truth comes out on Photo ID

Rep. Bill Kidd (R-Independence) stated the disenfranchisement of hundreds of thousands of eligible Missouri voters was an “unintended consequence” of Photo ID legislation as he was questioning Missouri NAACP President Rod Chapel.

2. Will Kraus wants to be Secretary of State. But he’d rather you not vote.

Sen. Will Kraus has made extreme Photo ID measures in Missouri his number one priority while campaigning to be Missouri’s next Secretary of State. The Show-Me-Your-Photo-ID state? ...not to mention he passed the buck on St. Louis election issues this past April.

3. "Baby Body Parts"

Sen. Kurt Schaefer (R-Columbia) and Rep. Diane Franklin (R-Camdenton) led GOP MOLeg’ers in doubling-down on the widely-debunked videos claiming Planned Parenthood was trafficking “baby body parts” and led the ridiculous “Sanctity of Life” committees.

4. Rowden a no-show on important “Personhood” vote

Rep. Caleb Rowden (R-Columbia) showed up for work one morning, but was strangely absent when it came time to vote on an extreme amendment that would outlaw abortions—even in the case of rape and incest—and functionally ban birth control and many fertility treatments.

5. Bathroom bills

All this talk about who’s using what bathroom? CUT IT OUT. It’s bigoted nonsense and Missouri is better than that.

6. Pregnancy a “silver lining” to rape

Rep. Tila Hubrecht took to the House floor and made a head-turning statement that continues to get national attention saying, pregnancy is the “silver lining” of rape.

7. Kurt’s Kangaroo Court

Sen. Kurt Schaefer attempted to the turn the Missouri Senate into his own little Kangaroo Court by threatening to hold Planned Parenthood CEO Mary Kogut in contempt for refusing to comply with his bogus subpoena demanding she hand over years of records. Please.

For the record, Sen. Schaefer claimed to be a moderate and wanted to uphold the “status quo” on abortion practices when he ran in previous elections.

8. More Missourians than ever struggling with hunger

The 2016 Missouri Hunger Atlas reports that nearly one in six Missourians lack adequate access to food, with the most vulnerable populations including children and the elderly. MOLeg’s response? Crickets.

9. Ethics reform: Where’s the beef?

Ethics reform seemed like THE hottest trend at the beginning of session, but we ended up with tepid legislation that barely scratches the surface of Missouri’s very real lack of ethics & campaign finance rules. **SIGH**

10. Concealed carry on campuses & Stand Your Ground proposals

Lawmakers pushed (unsuccessfully) to allow concealed weapons on college campuses, but were successful at passing Stand Your Ground and permitless carry laws in the last hours of session. If it becomes law, Missouri will be the first state to enact Stand Your Ground since Trayvon Martin was killed four years ago.

11. MOLeg wants everyone to have guns, then promotes suicide prevention

In the last hour of the legislative session, there was heated debate on the House Floor over proposed Stand Your Ground and permitless carry legislation. Sadly, the bill passed and then was immediately followed by debate on a suicide prevention measure. Seriously?

12. Mizzou & MOLeg

Many MOLeg’ers attempted to use the stormy seas at Mizzou for their own political gain. Hearings were called, threats were made, and speeches were given, mostly by folks “disgusted” with the university, but who will almost certainly be among the first to grab freebie seats the next time the Tigers make it to a bowl game.

13. Still a (Jr. High) boys club in Jeff City!

Anyone who listened to House Floor debate had the opportunity to listen to some truly classic “mansplaining” and ungentlemanly interrupting. We guess the gavel couldn’t be found to declare this behavior out of order.

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