Follow the Money: "Right to Work" Edition

So-called "Right to Work" legislation will be rushed through the Missouri House and Senate early this session, which began Wednesday. This anti-worker, wage-lowering legislation was the first thing House Speaker Todd Richardson mentioned in his opening remarks at the dias.

What no one in leadership -- or sponsors of so-called "Right to Work" bills -- are talking about is the money trail tracing back to election committees.

It's well known that David Humphreys and his family are vehemently anti-worker, and have spent over $12,000,000 dollars on Missouri races this campaign cycle alone. 

When this 12 million is parsed out, it becomes clear Humphreys' donations are well targeted. 

He and his family have given $100,000 to Speaker Todd Richardson (MEC),

and another $100,000 to Senate Pro Tem Ron Richard (MEC).

The two most outspoken sponsors of so-called "Right to Work" legislation are Rep. Holly Rehder and Rep. Rob Vescovo. Both received a significant amount from the Humphreys' family. Rep. Rehder didn't have an opponent and still raked in $175,000, while Rep. Vescovo received $275,000 from Humphreys in his reelection campaign. This represents more than half of the money Vescovo raised this cycle.

While "Right to Work" legislative leaders are having their campaign committees padded, Missouri workers are left out in the cold.

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