The First Step Is Admitting You Have a Problem

This week, Auditor Nicole Galloway released her Report on the General Assembly which called out the House and Senate for various unethical practices such as using their own private (and unconstitutional) slush funds for free meals, a general lack of transparency, and weak sexual harassment policies.

Apparently, Rep. Kevin Engler (R-Farmington) was not a fan. As a matter of fact, Rep. Engler claims he doesn't even know who his own State Auditor is and therefore, her professional audit must not be valid.

On KJFF, Engler commented on Galloway, her results, and why she’s got it all wrong. 

First of all, I don’t even know who Nicole Galloway was… I’ve never met her, didn’t know who she was until somebody. Second thing, I’ve been over there a long time. This is the most transparent i’ve ever seen it. They call it a food desert now because there used to be that there was food in every place.  
Have they ever accepted lobbyist gifts to feed everyone in the house when we were staying overnight? Yeah. but compared to what it was under the administrations in the past, Democrat and Republican, we’ve got the cleanest house I’ve ever seen.

Nationally, the Missouri legislature is known as the “Wild West” of campaign finance and ethics laws: we are the only state in the nation without restrictions on lobbyist gifts or campaign contributions. And when elected officials like Rep. Engler refuse to even admit there's a problem, well.....that's a BIG PROBLEM.

This election season is experiencing record-high campaign contributions -- over $50 million in the major statewide races before the primaries alone. Let's hope Missouri voters can see through all the money, ads and glad-handing to choose candidates who will work to change the culture in Jeff City and pass real ethics reform.



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