Discriminatory Bill To Have Hearing

From our friends at PROMO:

A report was released on January 26, 2016 stating that the Religious Freedom Restoration Act cost the city of Indianapolis up to 60 million dollars and up to 12 conventions. This bill, which failed in Indiana last year, was not only bad for business but was also harmful to ALL Indiana residents. A similar bill, SB 916, is making its way through the Missouri state legislature. On Tuesday, February 16, there will be a hearing at 1pm on the bill in the Senate Lounge which reads:

Under the Missouri Human Rights Act, the term "employer" is defined to exclude corporations and associations owned and operated and operated by religious or sectarian groups. This act removes that exclusion and instead excludes any house of worship or other religious organization.

PROMO is calling on the sponsor of the bill, Sen. Kurt Schaefer, to stop the bill. The freedom to religion is already protected by the First Amendment to the Constitution. If passed, it would dramatically impact Missouri’s economy, plus harm Missourians. In District 19, Sen. Kurt Schaefer’s district primarily in Columbia, an update to the city-wide nondiscrimination ordinance passed in 2011, which includes sexual orientation and gender identity in the human rights statute. Local nondiscrimination ordinances like these have helped Missouri be competitive and attractive to tourists.

Tell Sen. Schaefer that discrimination is NOT a core value and will truly harm the economy. Let’s not be like Indiana.

What can you do? Join us at Equality Day on February 16, 2016 and talk to legislators about issues LGBT Missourians face.

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