That Country Club Tax Break We Were All Waiting For

​Rep. Lyndall Fraker really likes Country Clubs. He likes to hold public hearings at them, and he also likes to give them tax breaks.

Rep. Lyndall Fraker, R-Marshfield, wants to offer a sales tax exemption on initiation fees or dues on private country clubs.

“It’s just really hitting some of these clubs really hard,” Fraker said.

Fraker acknowledges that tax credits do take a toll on the state budget.

“I’m not totally against tax credits, but I also feel there is a need to rein them in,” Fraker said.

12/28/16 Post-Dispatch

Yesterday, he filed the bill he said he would — HB 833Authorizes a sales tax exemption on initiation fees or dues of private country clubs, golf courses, and golf clubs not open to the public.

There have been worse bills filed in the Missouri Legislature, but the timing was impeccable.

Yesterday was also the day legislative leaders sent ALEC's so-called "Right to Work" bill to the governor's desk, yielding to the demands of millionaires and billionaires and special interest groups.

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