Cable News Sees Choice Through White Male-Colored Glasses

Earlier this month, Media Matters released its findings from a 14 month comprehensive study on how evening cable news programs cover abortion. The results are disturbing: Anti-choice commentators dominate the airwaves, with 62% of those appearing on air being men. Only 17% of all appearances were by people who identify as pro-choice or who used accurate information against anti-choice statements.

Unfortunately, the Missouri Legislature has become a microcosm of what we’re seeing on cable news networks— lot of white men espousing their thoughts and beliefs on women’s health with only the occasional woman recognized to speak. And much rarer still, a woman of color standing to speak on behalf of a community that is soundly ignored by their state government.  

As of this week, there will finally be a woman at the top of a major party’s presidential ticket. Let’s see if Missouri voters can give her the floor.

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