Blunt, Rowden & Basye Celebrate Food Bank After Voting for Cuts

On the last day of 2015, Senator Roy Blunt proudly visited the Food Bank for Central & Northeast Missouri with local elected tagalongs Rep.s Chuck Basye and Caleb Rowden of Columbia.

Nevermind that each of these three lawmakers recently voted to CUT food assistance (“food stamps,” TANF, SNAP, EBT) for thousands of low-income Missourians. Rowden and Basye most recently voted to override Gov. Nixon’s veto of SB 24, a bill that, among other things, shortens the length of time Missourians can receive assistance while reducing overall benefits.

Blunt, Rowden, and Basye chose to make more cuts at time when Missouri is climbing the national rankings in hunger: in September, the USDA released its annual report on food insecurity that ranked us 2nd only to Arkansas in the category of "very low food supply,” i.e. people actually going without meals. Overall, Missouri ranks 7th in “food insecurity.”

So forgive us if we don’t return Caleb Rowden’s high five when he lauds the food bank for having a “Record year for a great organization!”

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