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Sham. Wow.

Very early this morning, the Missouri Senate approved the GOP’s partisan effort to restrict Missourians’ right to vote through a sham early voting resolution. Don’t be fooled by this resolution – it expressly targets the citizen ballot initiative with language nullifying any other early voting law. 

MOLeg Leaders Pushing Sham Early Voting Proposal

Citizens and community leaders from across Missouri today condemned a Senate committee’s proposed constitutional amendment (HJR90) that would undermine the popular initiative petition to create early voting opportunities in the state.

New Report Exposes ALEC's Influence in Missouri and Kansas

Our new report shows that ALEC has lavished hundreds of thousands of dollars on Kansas and Missouri politicians and those trips have resulted in dozens of bills being introduced on behalf of ALEC’s corporate members. 

Paycheck Deception: What MO Needs to Know

Need more evidence that paycheck deception bills are about politics, not economics?  Speaker Tim Jones told the Missouri News Horizon in 2012 that these bills are “a way to get to the ultimate goal of right to work.”

The Daily Show Skewers Rick Brattin's Anti-Evolution Bill

Kansas and Missouri were highlighted as "Meth Labs of Democracy" on The Daily Show last night. Sigh.  

Sigh: Missouri GOP Chairman Ed Martin's out-of-touch comment about marriage equality lawsuits

Expanding access to equal rights is part of the foundation of America. Ed Martin is wrong to claim that all Republicans are as opposed to marriage equality as he is. Missourians have changed their opinion on marriage equality a lot in the last 10 years, including many members and voters in Mr. Martin’s party.

Low-Wage Workers, Community and Faith Leaders Urge Legislators to Support Bill Increasing the Minimum Wage

Today, low-wage workers and community and faith leaders testified before the Small Business, Insurance, and Industry Committee in support of Senator Jamilah Nasheed’s legislation SB 531 to increase the minimum wage to $10.00. 

Progress Missouri Files Sunshine Law Complaint After Missouri Citizens Are Denied Access to Public Committee Hearings

Today, Progress Missouri filed a Sunshine Law complaint with the Missouri Attorney General’s office seeking clarification of the law and assistance in opening public meetings to Missouri citizens. The complaint alleges that some members of the Missouri Senate are violating the provisions and spirit of the Missouri Sunshine Law by denying citizens access to capture video of public committee hearings. Twice already this session, members of the Progress Missouri team have been denied access to capture video of public committee hearings, an activity explicitly allowed for by the Sunshine Law.

EXPOSED: ALEC's Influence in Missouri

Through the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), corporations hand Missouri legislators wish lists in the form of "model" legislation that often directly benefit their bottom line at the expense of Missouri families. Behind closed doors, numerous ALEC model bills are crafted by corporations, for corporations. Elected officials who are members of ALEC then bring their model legislation back to Missouri, where they claim them as their own ideas and important public policy innovations without disclosing that corporations crafted and pre-voted on the bills at closed-door meetings with legislators who are part of ALEC.


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