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GOP Rep: “Everyone in the state agrees that we have weak ethics laws”

Ethics reform brought up at GOP caucus

At last week’s Missouri House Republican caucus in St. Louis, members convened to discuss the upcoming veto session and next year’s legislative agenda.

Of great priority, according to Rep. Bill Reiboldt, is ethics reform legislation.

Voting Rights Act Still a Big Deal

The Missouri Supreme Court struck down a voter ID law in 2006, therefore extremists are trying to change the Missouri constitution. Voter photo ID laws have been proven time and time again to restrict access to voting for certain populations, and the courts continue to rule against them. This is why we need the Voting Rights Act and why it continues to be important to this very day.

Rex: Raising the Minimum Wage an "Injustice"

In an interview with KMOX, Rex Sinquefield said raising the minimum wage is an "injustice" on par with racist police practices.

Sinquefield Lobbyist Fundraising for ALEC Party Night

ALEC, Ethics Reform, Rex Sinquefield

Deanna Hemphill, a registered lobbyist with Rex Sinquefield-backed Pelopidas LLC, and Peggy Brand, a registered lobbyist with Celgene Corporation, are the 2015 private sector Missouri chairs for this summer’s American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) junket, scheduled to be held in San Diego later this month.

HB722 Condemned Across State

Throughout the state, media outlets and city governments have published their opposition to HB 722, a misguided bill passed by the Missouri legislature this spring that inteferes with local decisions.

Sinquefield's Top Lobbyist: Kansas Tax Scheme is "Working"

In 2013, Kansas Governor Sam Brownback signed two bills into law eliminating income taxes for small business owners and cutting individual’s income tax rates. These bills, based on the Laffer theory, had the backing of an ideal economic theory.

Until the imperfect nature of reality disrupted them.


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