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Today Was A Good Day in Missouri

We spend a lot of time talking about the bad things happening in Jefferson City... but today, equality won.

Will Kraus Passes the Buck

Sen. Kraus actually sponsored the 2014 legislation that changed the date of the Presidential Primary from February to March, in spite of warnings the new date was too close to April municipal elections and could cost millions, $37.5 million to be exact. His bill gave local election authorities just 3 weeks to prepare for another election.

Paycheck Deception Passes the House

Today, a “Paycheck Deception” bill passed out of the House. And that’s not good.

It’s not good for the thousands of public employees who may have to jump through extra hoops just to choose how they want to spend their own paychecks. This is a bill that not only disrespects everyday heroes like nurses, teachers and caregivers, but also seeks to muffle their voices in Jefferson City.

The Pro-Discrimination Hearing that Wasn't

A funny thing happened on the way to recording a hearing on Sen. Kurt Schaefer’s (R-Columbia) pro-discrimination Senate Bill 916.


3 Dumb Things that Happened This Week

The legislature was in session for all of two(!) days, and it managed to produce three things that just might signal we’re all in for a very ridiculous few months.

Blunt, Rowden & Basye Celebrate Food Bank After Voting for Cuts

On the last day of 2015, Senator Roy Blunt proudly visited the Food Bank for Central & Northeast Missouri with local elected tagalongs Rep.s Chuck Basye and Caleb Rowden of Columbia.

Columbia-area Rep. Caleb Jones: I "wouldn't send my dog [to Mizzou]"

This morning, Mizzou alum and Columbia-area Rep. Caleb Jones had a little tantrum about his alma mater. Jones is apparently still huffy about last semester’s #ConcernedStudent1950 protests, and is now helping to lead the charge of 100+ GOP colleagues in attempting to put Missouri’s flagship university in its place by demanding the termination of two mid-level employees.


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