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This One's for All the Crazy Uncles

So yes, we all have that “crazy uncle” (or aunt or cousin or in-law) we dread talking to this Thanksgiving. But just like our commitment to continue the fight here in Missouri, these folks won't deter us. Missouri--and our families--are too important and have too much at stake for any of us to sit on the sidelines. Your contribution will help us continue our work to make Missouri better for all of us, even the crazy uncles.

"Transparency Aversion" is Contagious

Unfortunately, it looks like many of our local government officials are taking cues from many in the state senate who have been openly hostile to transparency, and have repeatedly refused to allow us to record public committee hearings.

You Didn't Believe They Meant REAL Ethics Reform, Did You?

Latest #MOLeg Resignation Proves Status Quo is Alive and Well in Jefferson City

Sen. Roy Blunt Sets a Record for NOT Doing His Job

Sen. Roy Blunt and his GOP colleagues have now set a new record for refusing to do their jobs by declining to even meet with Supreme Court nominee Judge Merrick Garland.

The Missouri Legislature is Out of Touch

Paris Tuileries Facepalm statue

Today, Public Policy Polling released brand new polling numbers on Missouri voters’ opinions on current legislative issues and several statewide candidates. We’ll leave the campaign punditry (spoiler: Jason Kander and Roy Blunt are darn near tied, and the GOP gubernatorial primary is anyone’s game) to the political operatives.

Schaefer Can't Have it Both Ways on Guns and Discrimination

You can’t author a constitutional amendment ensuring more Missourians than ever before will have access to guns, push through a dangerous Stand Your Ground bill (with a permitless carry provision), attempt to legalize discrimination against LGBT Missourians, AND THEN deliver heart-felt condolences after Orlando as if there were no connection.

Now for the Good Things

We’ll be honest, we’re still recovering from the end of the Legislative Session last week. And while our immediate reaction was to count all the bad things that happened— there were many— we would be remiss if we didn’t highlight a few really great things that emerged from the rubble.

Friday the 13th: Top 13 Terrible Takeaways

Well… it’s finally over. The legislative session ended in a last-minute rush of farewell speeches and attempts to pass bad legislation (some of which was successful). Sadly, lawmakers failed to help the vast majority of Missourians who are struggling—so it somehow seems appropriate that all of this should come to an end on Friday the 13th.

In the spirit of this unofficial and infamous day, we humbly present our Friday the 13th Top 13 Terrible Takeaways...

BREAKING: Photo ID Headed to the Ballot

House Joint Resolution 53, the resolution that would amend our state constitution to make way for extreme photo ID requirements at the polls, is now headed to a statewide ballot. Let that sink in for a moment: our own elected leaders, voting along party lines, moved to change our state constitution to make it harder for hundreds of thousands of us to vote.


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