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KMOX: MO Senate will be taken to court over Sunshine Law violations

Progress Missouri Executive Director, Sean Nicholson was on The Mark Reardon Show Friday, March 20th to discuss with Jane Deuker how some senators think they're above the law. Missouri's Sunshine Law permits the recording of public meetings, so when senators deny permission to record committee hearings they are in fact violating the law.

Kurt Schaefer's ill-concieved Amendment 5 is already going terribly wrong

Kurt Schaefer's reckless and unwarranted Amendment 5 has just this week been used to overrule laws banning felons from owning guns.

Those who care for Missouri's elderly should not be living in poverty

The caregivers who allow our family members and neighbors to stay in their homes shouldn’t have to worry about making ends meet because of low wages.

Sinquefield's Pet Economist Helps Write Fiscal Notes for Missouri Legislature

Kansas City Star:

When Missouri lawmakers evaluate legislation, they rely on a nonpartisan staff to tell them how much money any particular bill could cost state government.


In many cases, those legislative researchers rely on the expertise of economics professors at the University of Missouri’s Economic & Policy Analysis Research Center, or EPARC.


Good News to Kick off Your Weekend: McCreery Sponsors True Payday Loan Reform

Rep. Tracy McCreery filed a bill that outlines true reform to protect Missourians from predatory payday lenders.

Voter Guide for August Ballot Measures

Tomorrow is Election Day in Missouri! You and other engaged citizens from across the state will be deciding crucial questions about how we should be amending our state constitution -- or not.

Governor Nixon's Veto of 72 Hour Bill Met with Praise

Wednesday, Governor Nixon vetoed an extreme bill that would increase the mandatory waiting period for women seeking an abortion in Missouri to at least 72 hours. In his veto letter, Nixon said:


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