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Until legislators expand Medicaid, Missourians will continue to suffer

Three years without Medicaid expansion has caused three hospitals to close, kept 300,000 people in the coverage gap, eliminated 1,800 jobs, and led to the deaths of 700 Missourians each year.

Hundreds of Workers Flood Capitol to Oppose ALEC's So-Called 'Right to Work' Attacks

Hundreds of Missourians are flooding the Capitol to remind the legislature that ALEC’s so-called “Right to Work” is wrong for the Missouri workers and families.

Team Sinquefield can't decide: more sales tax or less sales tax?

While Rex Sinquefield & Co are pushing for regressive tax reforms that would increase sales taxes and expand the list of things for which working families pay most (i.e. rent, childcare, medicine)... staffers at his Show-Me Institute 'think tank' are writing that Missouri’s sales taxes are actually “still well above average."

You Can Be Fired for Being Gay, and the Missouri Chamber Wants to Keep it That Way

With over 1,000 Missouri businesses supporting Missouri's Nondiscrimination Act, MONA, everyone seems to be wondering why the Missouri Chamber of Commerce continues to defend legal discrimination. 

KC Star: Campaign donations and lobbyist gifts "the biggest scandal" in Missouri government

Over the weekend the Kansas City Star published an editorial highlighting last week's debate on campaign finance reform, a non-partisan issue that needs attention. 

Inaction has consequences: Failure to expand Medicaid costs Missouri

Jefferson City, we have a problem. Some Missouri legislators are telling their constituents that Missouri “can’t afford to expand Medicaid." They're wrong.

In fact, failure to expand Medicaid has cost Missouri jobs, hospitals and lives.

Legislative failure to expand Medicaid is making a mess in Missouri

Missouri's legislature has stonewalled Medicaid expansion for 3 years and the consequences are starting to come into focus.

Missouri is home to a strong community dedicated to LGBT equality

The day after voters narrowly repealed Springfield's expanded nondscimination ordinance, the community remains dedicated to opposing discrimination and working for equality throughout Missouri.

Missourians' tireless support for Medicaid expansion is amazing

Throughout the legislative session, both in-district and at the Capitol, Missourians have met with legislators, held candlelight vigils, rallies, press conferences, panels, marches, and canvasses in support of Medicaid expansion.

Silvey to Schaaf: “You don’t believe in math... so, no Senator I can probably never satisfy you on this issue”

Yesterday on the Senate floor, Ryan Silvey brought up the cost savings and economic benefits of Medicaid expansion. Sen. Silvey called out Sen. Rob Schaaf for choosing to believe some fiscal notes and not others.


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