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McCaskill: Pass MONA Already

Sen. McCaskill agrees with Gov. Nixon that it is outrageous LGBT Missourians can legally be discriminated against.

Rowden Unsure If It's OK to Fire Folks for Being LGBT

When questioned about his stance on anti-discrimination legislation, Rep. Caleb Rowden was unable to give a clear answer.

Sinquefield Schemes Driving KS Teachers Away

Brownback's education cuts are becoming too much for Kansas teachers to handle.

What the SCOTUS Fair Housing ruling means in Missouri

Missouri has a long history of discriminatory housing, however there seems to be hope for institutionalized fair housing in the state and we hope Texas v. Inclusive Communities is the impetus.

Mercy Health plans layoffs as a result of failure to expand Medicaid

Mercy Health, a company based out of Chesterfield, will be laying off 300-350 employees next week. The healthcare company runs hospitals and outreach ministries.

In a statement, Mercy Health revealed lack of Medicaid expansion in Missouri has made it necessary to “simplify” and “reduce costs,” hence the layoffs.

Cornejo points out the hypocrisy in 'right to work' legislation

Representative Robert Cornejo (R-St. Peters) recently sat down with St. Louis Public Radio to talk about everything from his running for House Majority Leader to ALEC’s so-called ‘right to work' legislation.

Cornejo who has voted against ‘right to work’ said, “I was born and raised in a union household.  My dad was a union electrician and still is to this day.” He adds:

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