Bipartisan Birth Control Access Legislation Pre-Filed Again

Last year, then-Rep. Sheila Solon, a Republican from Blue Springs, introduced HB 1679. Calling it the "ultimate pro-life" bill, Solon's bill would have allowed pharmacists to write three-year prescriptions for oral contraceptive pills after receiving a doctor's prescription. Her bill would have allowed minors who had been prescribed the pill to get follow up prescriptions from a pharmacist. As in other parts of the country, pharmacists would need to undergo additional training to participate.

This type of legislation is already in effect in Oregon, California, Tennessee and Washington. 

The bill made it unanimously through the both the House standing and select committee before getting held up on the House floor, delaying its arrival to the Senate. 

In an interview with KCUR, Solon said about HB 1679:

[Not getting HB 1679 through both chambers] That’s one of the things I regret with not being able to go back. I really wish I could have worked on that bill and get it passed in the Senate.  Forty-five percent of unplanned pregnancies and births are on Medicaid, so if you can reduce by 10-20% unplanned pregnancies, give greater access to birth control, take into account the cost of prenatal, delivery, and first year of the child’s life, the fiscal note, was 95 million in Missouri. We had been challenged by our speaker to try to bring down costs in creative ways. I thought this was a great bill. 

Rep. Solon lost her primary (after David Humphreys contributed $500,000 to her opponent in opposition ads and straight donations), so it was unsure if her bill would come back. 

Turns out, Rep. Shamed Dogan, a Republican from the St. Louis area, has re-filed the bill this year.

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