Bill Lant: Planned Parenthood worse than Nazis

In a recent newsletter, Rep. Bill Lant (R-Pineville) proclaimed the recently released Planned Parenthood videos worse than anything Nazis did.

He wrote:

"I grew up during the 50's and 60's when the Nazi trials were still being held and there was no testimony I heard that was more horrible than what I heard last week."

Nevermind that the videos were heavily edited by an extremist group known for breaking the law. Even for someone who has a history of offensive newsletter writings, this is a new low.

Planned Parenthood provides care to thousands of Missouri women every year. From education to HIV testing to abortions, access to reproductive healthcare is a human right.

It's clear that the extremists in Jefferson City should not be legislating women's healthcare— these decisions are instead best left in the hands of Missouri women, a belief that Planned Parenthood supports.

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