Anti-Trans Bathroom Bills Have No Place in Missouri

Lee's Summit Councilman Hints at Proposing Anti-Trans Bathroom Ordinance

Fox 4 KC reported:

A Lee’s Summit councilman says he’s considering a local bathroom ordinance, after a call to Target headquarters left him with even more concerns about their policies.

Target said last week it was standing for inclusivity, allowing customers to use whichever bathroom they identify with.

But Councilman Chris Moreno says that creates dangers for women and children.

The councilman's claim is false. There is no evidence of danger from trans people using the bathroom that corresponds with their gender. Transgender Missourians simply want to use the restroom in peace, like everybody else.

Bathroom bills similar to those passed in North Carolina and Mississippi were proposed in the Missouri Legislature this session, but thankfully none have been passed by committees.

This type of fear mongering will put Missouri back in the national spotlight

Thursday evening Seth Meyers skewered anti-trans bathroom policy:

He observed, “There are any number of problems with these laws and aside from the fact that they’re hateful and discriminatory, they’re also unenforceable.”

These laws are wrong and discriminatory, they have sparked an economic backlash, they are unenforceable, and they are pushed by people using imaginary predators to fear monger.

We cannot let Missouri be the next state to give in to these hateful policies.

Watch the whole Late Night with Seth Meyers clip here:

And here's another from The Late Show with Stephen Colbert:

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