ALEC's So-Called 'Right to Work'

So-called ‘Right to Work’ fast-tracked in the House!

Speaker Tim Jones’ #1 priority for 2014 is passing the American Legislative Exchange Council’s so-called ‘right to work’ laws that would hurt Missouri’s entire middle class. Simply put, ALEC’s proposal would mean lower wages and a lower quality of life for the working people of Missouri -- unionized or not.  

Tim Jones Can't Name Any Businesses That Benefit From "Right To Work"

Speaker Tim Jones couldn't name a single business that would benefit from so called "Right to Work" legislation when prompted by a reporter.

Community and Faith Leaders Urge Speaker Jones and Leader Hummel to Focus on What’s Best for Missouri Families

Coalition members call on leaders to oppose anti-worker attacks, focus on policies that create economic dignity for all Missourians this session

Déjà vu All Over Again: Extremists Rush To File Corporate Bill Mill Legislation To Undermine Missouri’s Middle Class

Instead of focusing on creating jobs and strengthening Missouri’s middle class, House leaders return to ALEC's tired 'right-to-work' legislation

ALEC Member Bill Lant Introduces ALEC 'Right-to-Work' Amendment

House Workforce Development and Workplace Safety Chairman Bill Lant has been an ALEC member.  Today, he distributed an amendment to HB34, an anti-prevailing wage bill by birther Casey Guersey, that would attach ALEC's entire 'right-to-work' proposal to the bill.  


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