ALEC's So-Called 'Right to Work'

That Country Club Tax Break We Were All Waiting For

​Rep. Lyndall Fraker really likes Country Clubs. He likes to hold public hearings at them, and he also likes to give them tax breaks.

Rep. Lyndall Fraker, R-Marshfield, wants to offer a sales tax exemption on initiation fees or dues on private country clubs.

“It’s just really hitting some of these clubs really hard,” Fraker said.

Grover Norquist is wrong a lot about "Right to Work" votes in Missouri

Maybe it's because he's based in Washington, D.C. and not Missouri, but Grover Norquist gets things wrong about Missouri... a lot. Especially when it comes to ALEC's so-called 'Right to Work' bills.

Prior to veto session, Norquist was confident HB 116, ALEC's so-called 'Right to Work' bill sponsored by Rep. Burlison, would be overridden.

Missouri GOPers reaffirm strong opposition to ALEC's 'Right to Work' attacks

Opposition to ALEC's so-called 'right to work' attacks is and always has been bipartisan. Pushed by out-of-state corporate interests, 'right to work' legislation would harm all working Missourians. This is why Republican legislators have stood against it. Recently, Representatives Linda Black (R-Park Hills), Kathie Conway (R-St. Charles), and Galen Higdon (R-St.

The 27 Missouri Republicans Who Voted Against ALEC's 'Right to Work' Nonsense

Rep. Nick King: "I was not always opposed to Right to Work. But, as I knocked on doors, and talked to the people I represent, I learned where their hearts are and where their minds are."

Hundreds of Workers Flood Capitol to Oppose ALEC's So-Called 'Right to Work' Attacks

Hundreds of Missourians are flooding the Capitol to remind the legislature that ALEC’s so-called “Right to Work” is wrong for the Missouri workers and families.

GOP Rep: "We would undoubtedly see a drop in wages" with 'right to work'

In his weekly Capitol Report, State Representative John McCaherty, a Fenton Republican, explained his opposition to so-called 'right to work' today thusly:

Local ALEC Leaders Come Up Short on 'Right to Work' Vote

Despite relentless pressure from national front groups, anti-worker legislation fails to get the necessary votes to advance to Senate

Our Legislators Should Work For Us -- Not For CEOs

The Committee to Protect Missouri Families has a new series of ads explaining how so-called "right to work" would hurt Missouri's middle class by cutting workers' wages and benefits. "Right to work" is pushed by out-of-state corporate interests that want to boost profits and CEO pay at the expense of working Missouri families. 


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