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Slashing Missourians' Paychecks Won't Help Joplin Recover

Radical politicians in Jefferson City want to use the Joplin tragedy as an excuse to junk prevailing wage laws that protect middle class families. This cynical power grab will do nothing to address the devastating jobs crisis in Missouri. Instead of attacking middle class workers, we need our elected leaders to work together to restore balance in the legislature and rebuild communities ravaged by tornadoes and other natural disasters.


Hands Off Our Medicare

Americans want their leaders to preserve Medicare for their own retirement and for future generations -- not give handouts to millionaires and greedy oil companies while the rest of us struggle to get by.

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End the Assault on Middle Class Workers

Our elected leaders should be working together to turn our economy around and put people to work in good jobs that will rebuild the middle class, not undermine working families. Instead, too many politicians in Missouri's General Assembly supported Wisconsin-style attacks on working families. We need leaders who will stand up for the teachers, nurses, firefighters and other public workers in Missouri, not the CEO's and corporate special interests.

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