3 Dumb Things that Happened This Week

The legislature was in session for all of two(!) days, and it managed to produce three things that just might signal we’re all in for a very ridiculous few months.

1. Proposed legislation requiring lobbyists report sex as gifts.

Ethics reform has become very popular among the MO GOP. So why not propose that anytime a lobbyist canoodles with a legislator or staffer, it has to be reported as a gift? What could go wrong?

2. Barring the press from public space.

Senate President Ron Richards claimed that press had been tweeting private conversations overheard on the senate floor (public space, btw), so he got the Senate to vote 26-4 to remove the press and stash them upstairs in the gallery. 

3.  Bill filed to prohibit Sharia Law. Again.

Never one to be out-weirded, Rep. Mike Moon introduced his latest version of an Islamophobic bill. That’s right, Rep. Moon is still here to protect us Missourians from being controlled by SHARIA LAW.

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