2016 Missouri Legislative Session Bill Preview Part 2

Today, we’re highlighting legislation targeting Missouri women’s access to health care, denying rights for LGBT citizens, and weakening Missouri’s already-lax gun safety laws. If you missed Part 1, find it here.

Anti-Choice Bills

It wouldn’t be legislative session in Missouri without bills attacking women’s access to health care. Rep. Mike Moon, in addition to advocating internment camps for Syrian refugees, has filed a proposal called “All Lives Matter” to legally define when life starts, completely disregarding medical and scientific definitions.

The anti-choice lobby is pushing restrictive bills using intentionally vague procedural language. The proposed legislation prohibits doctors from making the safest medical decision for a woman’s health.

Anti-LGBT Bills

This year, Missouri legislators have an odd obsession with where one uses the restroom. With three “bathroom” bills, Reps Pogue, Cookson, and Sen. Emery are fighting to maintain legal discrimination.

Anti-Gun Safety Bills

Until 2007, Missouri had some of the best gun safety laws in the country. Then in a rash set of policy changes, we dropped to the bottom of gun safety and to the top of gun related murders in the country.

This year, there are 14 bills to expand concealed carry permit access to university campuses, create tax exemptions and holidays for ammunition, and reinstate gun access to those who have lost their privileges. Keep in mind, the only current tax holiday Missouri has is for back-to-school supplies and to make your house energy efficient.

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